macOS/OSX Gulden StatusBar
using data from, or the API

UPDATE 17-10-2016: As TextBar has a trial period of only 6 days, I created my own kindof stripped TextBar.
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Latest version
=> Download v1.1 [26-10-2016] for macOS (macOS/OS X 10.9+ only)
Old versions

If it is not working immediately because of a 'security warning', right-click the app => Open.

Any ideas or issues? Chat with me @ the Gulden Slack channel (@spasma) or email me: sebastiaan[a]

Example Mac Status Bar

Example App Window

Groetjes, Sebastiaan Pasma
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OLD: macOS Gulden TextBar script m.b.v.


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Groetjes, Sebastiaan Pasma
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